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Wednesday Writing Work

Writing: I did some thinking about Avriet today regarding the person who is responsible for casting the curse. What I concluded could very well change the story in some ways, because it is now evident that this person's grudge would be more against Avien Tower than against the kingdom as a whole.

This is annoying because I have the story all set up for how it would proceed if the kingdom is the target. If Avien Tower is the target...Geeze. That's really going to change things, and the story I really want to write is about the kingdom, not the mage school. Joy.

Maybe I'll just have to come up with another perpetrator? I don't really want to do that.

Books: I'm continuing to read The Shadow of the Lion. It's an interesting novel and an enjoyable one, with characters you can care about. It's also got some Very Evil stuff going on, the kind of stuff that makes the little Paul Graves in my head wrinkle his nose, grimace, and say, "That's appalling!"

I found another Pern fan! *does the happy dance and wonders if she could entice leianora into StarRise Weyr...* *grins*

FYI: I have disabled the Nudge feature on this journal. If I don't post for a while, and you want to know what's going on with me, I'd rather be emailed or called than nudged.

Religion: Cynthia Gill, who is a member of my coven. is also initiated into the Sibylline Order of Wicca. This order was created for the purpose of teaching others about Wicca.

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