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Aerden [userpic]

Remember a few days ago, when I was talking about my fictional deities of passion, Gerenianartri (love) and Surtuniee (hatred)?

They are like Chesed and Gevurah in the Jewish Kabbala. The relationship between them is exactly the same, for exactly the same reason.

I can't believe I was seeing this relationship so clearly without actually understanding why the relationship had to be so. Wow.

Current Mood: awed

Oooh you having fun with the Kabbalah? Are you looking at it from the Jewish point of view or its relationship to the Western Mystery Tradition?

You might like The Kabbalah Society website. It really blends these two aspects and doesn't see the system as developed in isolation of other western mystical traditions.

Viv--Right now, I'm studying the Kabbalah 101 section at Aish.org. This seems to teach it from the Jewish point of view, which I figured was best, since this is my first exposure to the Kabbala. Might as well go to the source and then learn other perspectives later.

Thank you for the link! I appreciate any good information I can find. What I've read so far about the Kabbala is fascinating.