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Movie Review - Tristan and Isolde

Purely Unnecessary Warning: This movie does not faithfully follow the traditional story of Tristan and Isolde; some plot details are changed or omitted.

It's a sad thing when you watch a romance movie, but you want the other guy to get the girl, instead of the hero.

Tristan and Isolde is an okay movie when it comes to internecine political backstabbing, but as a romance movie, it falls way flat. Isolde is fine. The actress playing her gives her plenty of personality, and my guess is that Isolde the character is probably supposed to be 8-10 years younger than the actress who plays her. That would explain a lot of the idealism and yearning for romance and true love displayed by the character.

Tristan, on the other hand, is a dud. The actor playing him knows how to give long, silent, soulful and sometimes sulky looks, but he never says or does anything, in my opinion, to merit the desire Isolde has for him. Sure, he's hott, but that isn't love, and even Isolde realizes that Mark deserves her love when she talks to Tristan about her feelings for her husband.

King Mark, supposedly the Older, Stodgy Guy, on the other hand, acts and speaks like a man who loves and who is worthy of love. If I'd been Isolde, I'd have thrown Tristan over for King Mark in a heartbeat. What a gentleman!

To my mind, this movie is about the difference between teenagers' love and the love of mature adults. I'll take the love of mature adults any day of the week.

My advice--spend your $7.50 on a better movie, unless you simply want to see how cool King Mark is. He, at least, is worth watching. So is Isolde's Irish maid.


I saw this in qos' journal and had to take it for Paul. (g)

Snobbery Quiz

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Why did he get this result?

"Because you must remain aware of what Voldemort is doing. That is vital." --Paul E. Graves

His next most likely result would have been Art and Decor Expert.


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