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Back at Work

I stayed home from work yesterday; still wiped from the cold. I'm feeling much better today, except for whatever's in my throat. I have a doctor's appointment Friday morning, thank God. Whatever this is in my throat, I want it out. I think it's a piece of very limp lettuce.

TV: I watched Dog: The Bounty Hunter and Modern Marvels last night on A&E. I think the fact that Dog has become something of a celebrity in Hawaii is a cause of wistful regret to him. For him to go somewhere incognito would require him to cut his hair, dress in, say, a business suit, and ditch the boots and the chain thing he wears in his hair. His wife Beth would have to dye her hair, get it restyled, lose about 80 pounds, wear flat-heeled shoes, and clip her fingernails short. (g)

Those two are just impossible to hide in a crowd. They'd have to wear hooded monks' robes or something.

Modern Marvels talked about the construction of mountain roads such as the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Going to the Sun Road in Montana. Pretty fascinating stuff. Some of those roads were built using primarily manual labor and explosive charges.

Some show called Airline had taken the place of Crossing Jordan. I hope that isn't a permanent time slot change.

Pretty much all I did for the rest of the day was lie in bed and sleep off an on--and blow my nose, etc.

Medicine: LMAO!!! Snagged from marvo: "They call it PMS because Mad Cow Disease was already taken."

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