Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Two Men

Vince Young: Vince Young has decided to make himself available for this year's NFL draft. My feelings about this are mixed. On one hand, I want to slap him upside the head for not finishing college. On the other hand, I have to admit that he is striking while the iron is hot, while his career has momentum. At this moment, his career probably has more momentum than it will have at any later point. I cannot blame him for seizing the day. If he waits another year, he will be last year's news and won't necessarily be first-round draft pick. This year, he's the hot pick.

If I were his mother, I know I would be worrying about him earning h. But he can finish it later. I just hope he will.

Henry VIII: Will write later.

Work: Our receptionist is out sick with food poisoning, and I don't know if I can handle the phones today; I can barely speak.

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