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Aerden [userpic]
Author Tammy Bruce

I've come across an author whose books I want to read. Her name is Tammy Bruce, and she has written a book called The New American Revolution.

I decided to buy this book because I just heard her giving a lecture on Book TV. She impressed the hell out of me. Bruce is bold and forthright; you get the sense that she believes in what she says, strongly. I look forward to reading her previous two books over the next couple of months.

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Having known a fair number of political activists (from Marxists to anarcho-capitalists) and a fair number of people who saw conspiracies everywhere (and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder), I am not impressed that someone believes in what she says. Particularly in an area in which "Does she believe that?" and "Does she honestly believe that?" are a long way from being the same question.


I'd expect her to believe in what she says! So did Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler...but you don't see me in a rush to buy their books, do you? :) 'dsgood' is right on with that comment.

Having said that, I've read Miss Bruce, and I like what she has to say. Even though she's more liberal than I am (honestly, though, who isn't? I still have a hard time with left wings on airplanes!) I think her newest book makes a lot of good points. For instance, I'm right there with her when she talks about how people need to make up their own minds rather than following blindly along with the Party Line. There's too much of that on both sides of the political divide.

When I said that, I was trying to convey the sense that she spoke with unusual passion while not being hysterical. I don't usually see most speakers communicate with the depth of conviction that Bruce did. She was energetic and very enjoyable to listen to.

Obviously, passion alone is not enough to induce me to buy someone's book. I also agreed with a lot of what Bruce said. I didn't go into detail about her exact points because I wasn't feeling too well at the time and didn't want to do that much typing.

For some background information, Tammy Bruce is a Democrat who used to lead either a chapter of NOW or the national organization; I can't remember which. She disagrees with the extremist stance that the US causes nothing but evil in the world, that if we ignore problems, they will just go away, that if we do what the terrorists say they want, they'll stop killing people.

I hope that helps!