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Sunday, Chantal Stayed in Bed

I'm glad this thing hit on Friday, so I was at least able to get two days off without having to use up more sick leave for them. I've got a nice URI, well-entrenched, now. I'm having coughing spells which are so violent that they cause me to regurgitate a little--not like throwing up, just like acid reflux or something. After them, my epiglottis feels like it's tied in a knot in my throat, and this makes it hard to breathe, because with that down there, breathing sets off my gag reflex. Not fun. I'd ask my doctor if I could get my throat checked out, but I've read about esophagoscopy, and I really don't want to experience it.

Oddly enough, I am not coughing nearly as much during this cold as I have during others previously. The coughing fits happen maybe once or twice an hour insterad of constantly. There's still the usual huge amount of post-nasal drip and sinus congestion, though.

Dream, the morning of 01/08/06: I was at a party with a lot of people who were real friends, characters I enjoy reading about, and dream people. We were all dressed in Italian Renaissance clothing, and there was a lot of merriment and ribaldry going on. I very lightly French-kissed someone in the dream. My friend Anna was in it, and so was Suse's character Ilena ib Roun. I had a wonderful time in this dream.

I wonder if the setting had anything to do with the fact that Mark, Tom, and I saw Casanova the other night. It was set in the 18th century, though, not the 16th.

Life: I'm not sure what I'm going to do today. I might stay in bed for most of it. I'd like to write some two_alleys_rpg stuff, though.

One nice thing about the cold--Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" has been playing in my head, which has been reminding me of how much I like Rich's character Rose Lathander. :)

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