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baghdaelf :: Sick [+2]

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Aerden [userpic]
Saturday Activities

Shopping: Mark took me shopping this morning. I went to Barnes & Noble, Randall's, the Dollar Tree, and the liquor store, as well as the beauty salon to get my bangs trimmed.

Sick Ickies: Now I'm wiped. All I really want to do is lie around like a slug, curl up under the blankets, and pray at the shrines of Ricola and Kleenex. Still, I've felt worse.

I must be a lot more dehydrated than I thought I was, because I've drunk nearly a full tumbler of Gatorade, and it still tastes good. This despite the fact that yesterday, I drank a huge bottle of water at work, plus had won-ton soup at supper.

Writing: I wrote a brief bit with my two deity characters this morning. Not a story, just dialogue between the two.

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Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I'm sure the gods Ricola and Kleenex are more than happy to have your worship!

Ugh! That much Gatorade! I can handle a few sips but not much more.

Feel better!


Re: Sick

Tricia--Hey, it's good to see you back! Did you find snow?

Thank you for the well wishes. :)

*loves Gatorade, at the moment*


Re: Sick

Nope, no snow. Lots of cold weather though.