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Dream, Thoughts on Love and Hatred

Dream, the morning of 01/06/06: I dreamed this between 5:30am and 5:55am. This dream was like watching a stage play.

There are two actresses in it, one a prima donna, and the other a younger, inexperienced actress trying to get her first break. The older actress knows this.

The younger actress has some sort of courier job that she does to make ends meet, and she has made some sort of screw-up in delivering something to the older actress. The older actress slaps the younger one for it.

What I found interesting about this dream was my inner commentary on it. The scene was familiar to me; I felt as if I knew the action to expect and so forth. Usually, I would be sucked into the dream, but this time, within the dream, I felt as if I were watching it.

When the older actress slapped the younger one, I mentally rolled my eyes and thought, Bitch. Then I started to speculate on how I could retaliate if I were the younger actress. I thought, I could bite her neck. This was not a vampire thing; it was more like, 'Bite her neck, so she won't look so pretty anymore and will think twice about messing with me again.'

I didn't realize I could be so street. My main reaction to this dream was amusement at myself.

On Love:

My character Mary Elizabeth Gregory was on my mind this morning.

Genuine love, in which the giver does not seek receiving the emotion in return, is never wasted.


Oh, how cool! I nabbed this from nixnivis.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

The God of Hatred: Thinking about Mary Elizabeth then got me to thinking about this RPG I was in a few years ago, in which the main characters were all deities. I played the deities of love and hatred. The way I played them, Gerenianartri was the personification of love, while Surtuniee was the manager of hatred, within the bounds of human choice. This meant that he did not personify the emotion. Surtuniee did not feel universal hatred; he felt responsibility for seeing that mortal hatred did not get out of hand. He believed there should be balance to it.

So then Surtuniee starts a nice, philosophical monologue in my head about how it is said among mortals that we hate the things we deny ourselves, and he starts talking about this with regard to his relationship with Gerenianartri. He does not exactly hate her lack of restraint, but it does make him uncomfortable--and his restraint makes her uncomfortable--yet the two of them need each other to the ultimate degree, since they are both part of the same greater thing, which is passion. Both of them feel that their greatest enemy is death or apathy, not Good or Evil.

Okay, I'm a dork. I like 'listening' to Surtuniee; he's a lot like Paul.

I did not create those names, by the way. When I write about them on my own, I will shorten and/or change them.

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