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Desperately Seeking Peristalsis

Does anyone have any tips on how to get a pill to go down your throat?

I was awake most of last night with a teeny-tiny Lisinopril tablet that just wouldn't go down. I tried drinking copious amounts of orange juice, eating Pringles--It's still there. Why is it that bacon and eggs will go down my throat easily, but this stupid little pill that's no larger than a contraceptive pill, for God's sakes, has to stay lodged in there? I wish I could just stick something down my throat and push the darned thing down. I don't want to keep eating food, just to move the pill, either.

Man, if this is all I have to whine about, I should count myself lucky.

There's a particular image of Ralph Fiennes from a movie called Spider, I think, that fits my mood perfectly. I think I'll make an icon of it this evening.

Sports: Way to go, Longhorns!!!!! :D

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