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Impromptu Doctor Visit

I went to see my primary care physician this morning in hopes of heading off something. Good news--I'm down to 132 lbs. and my blood pressure is down, as well, so the exercise and new BP medication are working beautifully.

Bed news: I probably have a repeat of the yuckiness I had in August. Bleah. More antibiotics tonight. *sigh*

Good news: Unless the yuckiness or variant thereof repeats itself, I don't have to see my PCP in February. Yea!

And I am starved. I was going to be a good girl and just have salad, but when I discovered they were serving barbecue beef sandwiches in the cafeteria, the carnivore in me came roaring out. So I got salad and a sandwich. I'm wolfing the sandwich down now.

6pm: Have Levaquin, will gulp down pill. Yea, Levaquin!

I bought some ciabatta bread at Randall's while I was waiting for their pharmacy to fill my prescription. We're now dipping the bread into olive oil. Yum!

Diet? What diet? I'm restricting myself to a small piece of bread. (g)

Sports: Go, Longhorns!!!!

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