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The Joys of Merthiolate

Podiatrist: Actually, I don't know what it was that Dr. Lieberson put on my toe, but boy, did it hurt! Especially after he scraped the cuticle with that little probe thing, to clean out the dried blood. Ow! I don't remember it hurting this much after the last ingrown toenail procedure, but he said it took me several weeks to heal from it, and he's the one with my chart. I'm so looking forward to the Epsom salt soak tonight.

TV: I watched Cold Case Files about teenage rampage killers and Dog, whose episodes both featured take-downs of female criminals. I swear, it's horrifying when a person's 9 year-old daughter thinks her mother really need to go to rehab because of all the drugs she has found in her mother's purse. *shakes head*

Writing: Just minor writing tonight, because I'm sleepy. A little bit of work on The Boy from the Sea.

Life: I paid bills tonight--credit card, cell phone bill, and renewed my Muse domain.

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