Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Back to Writing Work

Writing: I fixed the parts of the first half of Chapter 1 in Boy which I wasn't satisfied with. Now I get to work on the second half of that chapter. I'm pleased with the edits, so far.

I feel all cold and wet in my head because of Chapter 1 *rolls eyes*

Gaming: I've been accepted into the Stargate Taskforce RPG and am looking forward to writing in it.

TV: I came home to discover that the Sci-Fi Channel was showing a Stargate SG-1 marathon. I watched about four hours of it. *beams* I like the Sodan Warriors, even if they are about as arrogant as Nietzcheans.

Robert Picardo's character Mr. Wolsey is worlds better than John de Lancie's character ever was. Wolsey has his own sincerely-held beliefs, some of which are wrong, but at least he's not an asshole or a fool. It is a nice change from the secret conspiracy powermongers.

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