Aerden (aerden) wrote,

It's 2006, and All's Well

Work: I'm back at work today, but I don't mind being back as much as I did last week, so that's good. The buses are running on a weekend schedule (once an hour), so Mark is taking me to and from the office today, bless him.

The hospital cafeteria across the street is closed today, so we had to raid McDonald's for breakfast; might do the same for lunch. They serve their milk now in little containers which look like coffee creamer containers, instead of cartons. Strange. Hurray for Egg McMuffins!

TV: I saw some interesting shows on the Science Channel about exploration of Mars. I thought about watching Crossing Jordan last night but figured it was probably a rerun, so I didn't see if it was on.

House Bedlam: The House Bedlam New Year's Eve party was much fun. :) We held it at John's house, which was nice. One of the guests, named Bear, did Tarot readings for everyone who was interested. He seemed to be quite good at it.

Weirdness; I hear some wonan in Israel has married a dolphin. If that doesn't fling mud into the sanctity and seriousness of marriage, I don't know what does. Now, I know the motto on my User Info page says, 'Marriage is love,' but I draw the line when it comes to 'marrying' animals.

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