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It's Thursday

Oooh! evil-looking kitty! I know it's just yawning, but still... (g)

Work: Work is busy but not insane, which is nice. I'm eating a cheeseburger for lunch and spent the morning generating purchase orders for diabetes education instruction. There's not a whole lot going on because the Lighthouse is closed this week. I hope to get some filing done this afternoon.

Writing: Naturally, The Boy from the Sea is progressing a lot more slowly, now that I'm back at work. I've also decided I need to do more revision in Chapter 1. It's logic revision--making things make better sense and not giving the impression that I have telepathic characters.

Doctors: I do believe I spent a good 90 minutes if not more in the doctor's office yester, waiting to be seen.

First there was about half an hour in the front lobby, where they had me pay my copayment and fill out a couple of forms. The resident took me back to an exam room, dilated my eyes, numbed them, and did the intraocular pressure check. Then I got sent to the back lobby.

I waited in the back lobby for a good half-hour, half-dozing and half working out dialogue for The Boy from the Sea. A different resident came to take my to my doctor's examining room.

I waited there for an hour, during which time I wondered if my doctor had perhaps gone to lunch.

The doctor came in, spoke with me for about five minutes, looked at my eyes, and sent me home with prescription refills.

I'm happy that my eyes are stable, but geeze, don't doctors ever spend actual time with their patients anymore?

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