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Spam Humor (a bit explicit)

I really have to laugh at the spam I get, sometimes.

Today, I got one from 'Incredible News!' entitled, "AerdenSRW, Grow Your Penis Safely and Effectively..."

So I imagined what Aerden's reaction would have been...

(after about half an hour of ranting obscenities)

Dear 'Incredible News! (Insert syrupy sweet tone here.)

I so hate to burst your bubble, but I am a fictional character and therefore don't really have a penis, even though I usually act as if I do. However, I will say that, at age 41, the incorporeal equipment I do have works just fine for its purposes, and I am more than satisfied with it.

On a side note--I am a physician, and as you have been so kind as to offer me medical advice, I would like to return the favor. Please feel free to visit my office any time for a free proctological examination. I promise to be very thorough. Don't worry about setting an appointment, I will make time for you.


Journeyman Healer
Trauma Specialist
StarRise Weyr


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