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Birthday Wishes, etc.

Happy Birthday to richandme! May you be given lots of cake, may your pub tab be paid for this evening, and may thou remember thy swashing blow!

American Idol: I don't know why; maybe it's because I hear some of those terrible, terrible singsers and know I can surely sing better than they. But I would love to audition for American Idol, sometime. I even know my audition piece--it would be a medley of "A Time for Us" and "A Rose will Bloom" from Romeo and Juliet, just because I am a sick puppy.

I wonder if Simon would let me sing it all the way through, or would he gong me halfway into it?

I'd really rather sing the Serenity ballad, but my voice hates it. ::sigh::

Gaming: Gaming would have been much better last night if my barbarian character had not constantly rolled things like 82 or 96 or 89 every time she tried to move during combat. She's supposed to be a barbarian shaman from the Horse Tribe, but last night, she was the clumsiest thing this side of a hemiplegic stroke patient. it was so annoying!

This is why I prefer writing. When you write, your character can behave realistically with regard to established skills. In gaming, it's all up to the D100.

Quizzage: (snicker) I couldn't resist and took the tests below:

Click to find out if you are obsessed!

I'm from Ravenclaw!

Hogwart's Sorting Hat Quiz

made by The Genki Gang


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