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Sunday Evening

Happy Birthday, Kris Sr.!

Religion: Interesting article by Andrew Greeley regarding a recent ruling by the Pope. What it says is similar to my beliefs--There's no reason a homosexual can't be a Catholic priest, because he swears and is expected to abide by the same vow that a heterosexual priest does--celibacy. (Link courtesy of wcg)

Apparently, however, faith that this vow will be adhered to is somewhat misplaced, given the (to me) shockingly high number of priests who admit to having broken that vow. Statistics are in the article. :P

Writing: I worked on Avriet some, fleshing out the funeral of Micaul's father, mainly because I wanted to see it. I don't even know if I will use what I have written today, though I am tempted to. I'm getting a clearer idea of the religion now. I'm still keeping it very simple, and I feel like the equivalent of temples or cathedrals is rare.

Politics: Oh my God, I've heard just about the stupidest thing ever, on TV after the Presiden't speech.

Reporter: What do the Democrats consider to be victory in Iraq?"

Democratic spokesperson: "We want to see battalions of Iraqis guarding on their own. We want to see more electricity on in Iraq..." (I used an ellipsis here, but that is pretty much the only thing of substance she said.)

Electricity?! Granted, getting more electric power generated over there is certainly desirable, and frustration at the lack of it might be causing some people to join the jihadists, though I've never heard of this being considered a major cause of insurgency. mention of wanting to see fewer Iraqi police getting killed while waiting for their paychecks, no mention of wanting to see the number of car bombings drastically decreased, no mention of wanting to see fewer Iraqi children and American soldiers getting killed?

All this stuff going on, and aside from the sensible desire to see Iraqis taking over their own security--which they did quite well for the election--the biggest priority on this woman's mind is electricity? I don't understand it. Yes, work to restore power to people's homes, but for God's sake, let's count victory by there being an end to the senseless killing, first. Gah!

TV: Nielsen to start monitoring DVR use. It's about bloody time! I wish they'd been doing that when Firefly was on.

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