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Writing: I've been thinking a lot about Avriet this morning, preparatory to doing some writing later today.

I've decided my options are wide open, so I'm going to write about King Richot's funeral and am debating whether to include some flashbacks. I want to show a little bit of what the relationship was like between Micaul and his father, so people can get some idea of why Micaul is the way he is. I'm not fond of flashbacks, though; I prefer to tell a story from beginning to end, rather than having my characters remembering events.

I keep imagining Richot's funeral occurring in a big cathedral. This is because I'm used to cathedrals, not because Avriet has a bureaucratized clergy. I want to keep the clergy and religion very simple.

Micaul was a very temperamental kid who felt pulled in two directions by his parents. I never got to show that in either of the NaNo drafts, so I'd like to write it now.

Book Title: According to the Lulu Book Title Scorer, The Curse of Avriet has a 41.4% chance of being a bes-seller. *snicker*

Chat: I spent much of this morning and early afternoon talking with fallenseraph about various writing and RP topics. Much inspiration was shared by all.

Quizzage: from seshen's journal:

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