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July 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Adventures in Christmas Shopping

Heard in WalMart: A little girl and her mother were in the clothing department. The little girl walked over to look at some skirts hanging on the end of an aisle. Suddenly, she burst out with:

"Mama! This is a hoochie-mama skirt! Mama, can I have this when I'm nine?"

I couldn't see the expression on her mother's face but I'm sure it was priceless. (g)

I got myself a new and much-needed pair of tennis shoes. They are blinding white. I also bought myself a new white blouse.

Feet: I didn't get the ingrown toenail removed today. When I arrived at the doctor's office, he told me that I needed to still be on an antibiotic before he would do an invasive procedure. So the appointment has been rescheduled to next Monday at 1:30pm. Since I get off work at 4pm, I'm just going to take the rest of the day off after the appointment.

Mark and I had lunch at Quizno's today, and I indulged in a slightly larger chicken carbonara sandwich than I did last time. Naughty me!

I'm also taking the antibiotic with egg-nog. Yum!

Tom: "Should egg-nog be considered a food or a beverage?"
Me: "Does it matter? It's just GOOD."

Movie: Tomorrow night, Mark, Tom, and I are going to see King Kong. I am not a fan. I've never seen the movie and was very dubious about seeing this one. But something in a trailer of it that I saw on TV got me interested.

Music: Hey, Rich! Today, I heard "Kiss from a Rose." I had heard it before and liked it very much, but I never knew what it was called. It made me smile, thinking of Rose Lathander. :)

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

"Mama! This is a hoochie-mama skirt! Mama, can I have this when I'm nine?"

Bwah hah hah!! Oh, that's great. :D Kids have such a knack for blurting out embarrassing things at top volume.

Like the time I was walking with my mother down Howard Street in a pair of knee-high, zip-up boots I'd gotten for my fourth birthday, and told a stranger who asked about them that they were my "HO BOOTS"--to the man's amusement and my mother's mortification.


Kris--LOL!!! Your poor mother was probably horrified that you even knew what a 'ho' was at age four. *giggles!*


Oh, I had no idea what a 'ho' was at that age. :D One of Pat's friends in the "stroll," Regina, was a pretty black girl who I regarded as another big sister. When I got the boots, Gina remarked, "Oooh, Sissy's got ho boots!" I loved it. And promptly remarked on it. ;)