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War--Who Knows? And Other Topics

You know, if this were the medieval era, we wouldn't even be thinking about going to war with Iraq. It would be too far away and too expensive to muster the men and deliver them and their supplies.

Interesting that war and even altruism can so easily be a function of whether or not travel is economical.

My attitude to this potential war is caution. I have some good friends in the military, both active and reserve, and I don't want to see them hurt or killed.

I do think the government is trying to be careful about this--if they weren't, we would be fighting, already. I've got the impression that they've done a psych profile of Saddam Hussein, and I think they've all studied their Art of War well enough to know that, given what I suspect Hussein's psych profile is, I think they will do everything they can to give him an out. Hussein strikes me as being a very dangerous man unless he's given some kind of escape route.

::sigh:: We'll see what happens.

I spent last night and today working on a surprise for a certain lovely lady named Morgana. (g) I hope I can get it done in time to present it to her in sethgraves' journal on Friday. (g)

It looks like Klarah Harris has been convicted of murder. Her lawyer did not try for a temporary insanity defense. The lawyer has instead gone for a crime of passion defense, which would mitigate Harris' sentence, somewhat.

I would be agreeable to that, if I were on the jury. I don't believe that Harris is a danger to society--though I sure as heck would never date her, if I were a man. I don't want people who have been cheated on to get the idea that they can murder cheating spouses or lovers with impunity, but I do believe that life imprisonment is too harsh a sentence. I'll be interested to see what happens with this.

I think it's time for me to head to bed, now. Good night, everyone!

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