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Aerden [userpic]
For Women with Twisted Imaginations, Only

Seen in pegkerr's journal:

So, if Martha Stewart were interested in tampon crafts, what do you think she would do with them?

I think she'd make a tasty fried mashed potato dish. Any other ideas?

Current Mood: agog

I am afraid to click on that link. Just so you know, you've posted something that makes me want to stock up on brain bleach. ;)


I am so glad that the link appears to broken... LOL

I had an answer for this one tho...

Martha Stewart would make a tampon christmas wreath for my former bassist, gods know he could use 'em... LOL He appears to bleed quite often...

Oops... T.M.I.... not to be mistaken with H.B.I., at least not when you need a tampon, eh??

:: ducking and running before the D*Con humour gets out of hand ::