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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
House MD Quote of the Night

So--Lady comes in for an OB-Gyn exam. House comes in to check her out. Looks up her vagina and his expression says, "Yech!" The woman explains that her boyfriend doesn't like condoms, so she uses jelly. House asks for a sample of the jelly, and the patient holds up a jar.

It's strawberry jelly.

House's comment to the nurse: "The problem is neurological."

I feel an icon coming on.

Current Mood: amusedamused

There are many things I could say, most of them very tacky. I will limit myself to saying Oh Gawd...

Bill--LOL I was tempted to say a few tacky things, myself!


Sounds like the woman in Australia who sued a contraceptive manufacturer when she got pregnant. She was using the spermacidal jelly--but she was eating it on toast.

When asked why she didn't read the directions on how to use the stuff, she replied, "Who has time [to read directions] when you're aroused?" The reporter wanted to know, "Who has time to make toast?"


Kris--*Falls over, laughing!*

You'd think the taste would have clued her in that she wasn't supposed to eat the stuff. Eww.


*dies laughing*


Mom and I watched that last night and nearly fell off the couch laughing because that kind of thing happens to her all the time. Most frequently she deals with women who only take their BCPills right before sex, but one woman used them every day... intervaginally.

Her favorite part was House's answer to this:
Woman: So when can I have sex again?
House: Evolutionarily speaking? Never.
Mom, through tears of laughter: God, I wish I could say that, but I would get so fired.

Re: ha!

Rosemary--Oh my god! I want to roll on the floor laughing, but that's so scary when it's real people doing things that stupid.

I like your Mom! And I think that's why House has so much appeal--He can say the things we know we can never dare to, even though we dearly want to.


Re: ha!

re: House gets away with stuff.

I think that's true. What was odd, though, was a distinct double standard at our house. House does/says horrible things, but when Cameron when into that patient (Anica?)'s room and was so awful and mean to her and then left those pills... Mom nearly went through the TV screen. Essentially, Cameron had been acting like House there, but there was a difference. House is usually mean and horrible to those who can take it, but he's rarely cruel to those who are honestly fragile. That little girl dying of cancer comes to mind. And here, where he was bald faced honest about how Anica had screwed herself up, but he also said, completely off hand: it's not your fault, but you ARE screwed up.

Cameron was, IMHO, cruel to a psychologically fragile person, because her nose was out of joint. Essentially she called the patient a horrible person because she was mentally ill. It was an EXTREMELY bitchy thing to do, not to mention medically irresponsible. As a doctor, she should have had some psychological training and know that Munchhausen's is an illness, and not something a patient can just stop doing.

SUmmary: House=mean to people who deserve it=good TV watching fun.