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Office Christmas Party

Work: The office Christmas party was a resounding success. We all chipped in to buy fried chicken, tamales, and brisket, and people brought in other dishes, as well. I'm bringing Mark home a plate full of brisket, and it tastes goooood! Smells good, too!

I am now very sleepy and want to take a nap at my desk. Actually, I really want to take the nap in the huge leather couches in the waiting room of the third-floor weight loss clinic. (g)

This morning was spent archiving 2004 records and moving 2005 records into the file room so I can replace them with the 2006 files at my desk.

One of our consumers, who came to us as a Katrina evacuee, is going to be our new vocational rehabilitation teacher. Neat! He can read Grade 3 Braille. O.O

Tonight I need to make the clove apple I plan to give as a gift to the person I'm a Secret Santa for.

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