Aerden (aerden) wrote,

The First Sentence per Month Meme

January 2005
Happy New Year to all of you!

February 2005
Just posting to check in.

March 2005
Now I remember why I don't care for Brie cheese--because it tastes like penicillin.

April 2005
Suse and Anna--Happy Birthday!

May 2005
Wishing those of you who celebrate it a joyous Beltane!

June 2005
I should have learned by now not to rely on Mark for weather information.

July 2005
Last night I dreamed that I was going into holy orders.

August 2005
I realize that, if this is the only thing that ticks me off at work, I should count myself a fortunate individual.

September 2005
There were two women on my bus this morning who made the female cast of Sex in the City seem like genteel, discreet ladies, paragons of chastity by comparison.

October 2005
Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!

November 2005
The Month of Insanity has now officially begun.

December 2005
I need to come up with more original entry titles that this. Ah well.

I really need to come up with first sentences which are more interesting. (g)

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