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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Breakfast at the Hospital - And Kinky Friedman!

Kids: The cashier at the cafeteria in the hospital across the street from where I work has three young daughters. Every morning, she takes them to work so they can eat breakfast there before going to school or daycare. This morning, her conversation with the youngest daughter went something like this:

Mom: "Alice, you can have a biscuit or a doughnut--No, I take that back. No doughnut."

Alice: "Doughnut! I want a doughnut!"

Mom: "You're getting a biscuit. Do you want any bacon?"

Alice: "Can I have French toast?"

Mom: "Do you even know what French toast is?" *pause* "Marcie, you are not to go into the kitchen. Don't you dare get me fired!"

Mom, to customer: "Would you like some children?"

Weather: It is COLD! Mark says this is appropriate, as we're going to see the Narnia movie tonight. Brrrrr!

Texas Politics: Dude! Kinky Friedman has officially filed his intent to run for Texas Governor! He's running as an independent. More to come after lunch, once I've read the full article in the Houston Chronicle.


I so intend to vote for Kinky Friedman.

Heh...Me too! After all, how can you go wrong, voting for the guy who would probably most appeal to Fred and George Weasley? (g)


current mood: mischievous

I might just vote for him, too. I'm all for the Anything Different from what we've got now Party.

And the Narnia movie was great. Lucy just won my heart completely. Her and Peter particularly, but all the kids. Just super.

Lucy was an absolute doll! :D She was just...perfect!