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Aerden [userpic]

I hate getting Keflex capsules stuck in my throat--especially when they break in two. Gah, that tastes nasty!

*frantically swallows copious amounts of Dr. Pepper and Gardetto's snacks*

Bleah. That's better, now.

Apparently, my left great toenail is definitely ingrown, which means another trip to the podiatrist. Oh joy.

Lunch: After the doctor's appointment, Mark and I had lunch at Quizno's. I had the Chicken Carbonara sandwich on whole wheat bread, with bacon Alfredo sauce. Yummmm! I want to have that sandwich again!

Current Mood: Keflex--yech!

::flinch:: Yow. I've had the ingrown toenail. You have my sympathies!


Kris--This one doesn't hurt nearly as badly as the one on my right foot did five years ago. In fact, now that the infection is cleared up, the left one isn't painful at all--which is weird. I guess I'll need to call the podiatrist and set up an appointment, though. *sigh*