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Aerden [userpic]
The Next Novel and Diet

Writing: I've decided what my next writing projects will be. Once I finish Avriet and start sending it out, I'll begin the Paul Graves novel. I must write it; it's been burning a hole in my head since June of the year sphogwarts started. I'm going to have to create an entire world for it, which will be a challenge, but I will do it. Paul is too good a character to let wither away in RPG limbo. Yes, I've resurrected him in two_alleys_rpg, but the Paul I really want to write about is the Death-Eater who hates being a Death-Eater but who also finds it the most challenging and fascinating thing he's ever done. That's the story I want to write.

After To Move the Heavens, then I'll go back to Vendetta, which was my science fiction/mystery novel. I want to be marketable as both a science fiction and a fantasy writer, not just as a writer in the fantasy genre.

For now, though--back to Chapter 2 of Avriet.

Dieting: I found this news article about intuitive eating. After reading it, this sounds a lot like what I've been doing for the past month or so, only I've been calling it the Saint and Sinner Diet. I've lost four pounds since September, doing this and light exercise. Since July, I've lost 7-1/2 lbs. So maybe there is something to what this guy says.

It's working for me, anyway, and I hardly feel like I'm on a diet, at all. I'm just eating smaller portions, fewer carbs, and balancing healthy food with sweets or potato chips when I feel the urge for junk. I'll see if I can continue the losing trend. At some point, I'm sure I'll have to exercise more, to lose more weight, but for now, it seems to be working rather well.

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

I have a character named Quentin Graves. I wonder if he and Paul are related? ;) Just kidding. Your projects always sound so interesting. I haven't had a chance to read any of Avriet, but I hope to go back and read it after my trip, if you leave it up in your writing journal. :)

We live in the same city--maybe some day we ought to get together over coffee/tea/whatever and talk writerly stuff. ^_^

I would love to meet you in person! I can't drive, but my husband could drop me off somewhere, or I could take a bus. I live off of W. Bellfort, just before it crosses 610. The Meyer Park shopping center is across the street from our house. There's a Starbuck's there, but it's attached to the Randall's.

If we went out for coffee on my side of town, it would probably be better to go to the Starbuck's that's semi-attached to the Barnes & Noble on Holcombe, or we could meet somewhere in Clear Lake on a weekend, There's a place my parents like to go to, called Diedrich's, which is...I thin on El Camino or Bay Area; I can't remember which. They have wonderful coffee there!

Or heck, we could meet at Baybrook Mall and just hang out. (g)

You're more than welcome to read what I've posted of Avriet, though I don't think any of the stuff I wrote for NaNo is very good. It was helpful in giving me an idea for how the story should go, though. Have you posted yours anywhere? I'd love to read it in return.


I'm familiar with your part of town--David's cousin lives at Holcombe and Brompton. Is that the B&N that you mean, the one that's just past Stella Link? Or is there another on Holcombe? I'd love to meet you in your neighborhood -- on weeknights, I don't leave work until 7pm, but I go around 610 (west loop south) to get home, so my orbit takes me right past your neighborhood. :D

Diedrich's is one of my favorite places to have coffee, btw. :)

I haven't posted any of my story because it's a mess, but I may post some of 'The Year of Bells' in my writing journal, emberdark. I haven't decided yet. Putting it out there stresses me out to an unreasonable degree, which I suppose I need to get over. *g*

Heh...Posting what I have written so far of Avriet ought to stress me out unreasonably, because it's so bad. (g) I'm having to go back through and completely redo what I've written and pay attention to what I'm doing, this time. I thought I would just do the Breakout Novel exercises with what I have, but I'm finding that I really want to do that with a better version.

Yep, the B&N on Holcombe just past Stella Link is the one I'm talking about. I think it's right near a huge Kelsey-Seybold medical complex.

Let me know when you'd like to meet, then. I'll post my phone number to you in a locked entry.

Also--I work in the Heights, somewhat near pyro_rebel's house, at 427 20th Street.


I forgot to mention--I love the name Quentin Graves. How neat! :D Kind of reminds me of Dark Shadows.