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Musings on Aeon Flux and Older Men

Not a bad film, in my opinion.

Mark and I went with our friend Tom to see Aeon Flux last night. I understand this used to be an animated show on MTV, and that the movie is considerably different from the TV version.

I thought Aeon Flux was an interesting movie, better than I had been led to believe it would be. It's set in a futuristic world, in a society comprised of people whose ancestors survived a plague that wiped out most of humanity.

The government, at least, from Our Heroine's point of view, is oppressive, and she is a member of a resistance group that is trying to bring it down.

During the course of the movie, we meet Trevor Goodchild, the Chairman and head of the government of Bregna, the sole remaining human settlement on Earth.

I found myself liking this guy a lot. I was surprised at this, because Trevor in the movie is not what you'd call hott. In fact, I considered him to be about as sexually riveting as a piece of cardboard. He's not bad-looking, mind, but...I'd have been more interested if they'd shown some manly chest muscles during the sex scene. (g)

Despite the lack of hottness, he was the ruler of a world. Power is not an aphrodisiac to me; responsibility is. The movie Trevor looked tired, careworn, isolated, and sad, yet he refused to buckle under it all. He still found ways to lead and ways to love. I admired that.

Having seen cartoon stills from the MTV show, I now understand why they portrayed Trevor as they did in the movie. On MTV, he was this old, gray-haired guy.

Anyway...I just felt really drawn to him. I like older, mature men and always have, even when I was a kid. They talk about interesting things, and they have a more experienced perspective on society, science, and all manner of other topics.

Give me a nice, meaty, complex, 40-something year-old Paul Graves any day of the week, over some pretty boy who can only talk to me about the latest computer game.

I'm exaggerating, but...Give me Dr. Garrett Macy on Crossing Jordan over Woody Hoyt, any time.

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