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Thursday Update

I need to come up with more original entry titles that this. Ah well.

Writing: I feel a bit wistful about my decision to quit NaNo, now that it's over, and everyone else is posting their word count totals. (g) I'm not sorry about my decision, though. I know I did the right thing for me.

Work: Still steadily working through the action list and the little emergency things which crop up out of the blue. I do think I'm getting a better handle on things, with tips about time management which help a lot. I just have to keep working at it. I need to show significant improvement by next August, because I want to earn a career ladder promotion, and the only way I can do that is by proving myself competent at my current level. So work, work, work.

Lunch: I am stuffed from lunch. We went down to the hospital cafeteria and had fajitas. I ordered one chicken fajita and three tamales. Tamales, for those of you who may never have eaten them, are a sort of shredded meat, such as chicken, pork, or beef, rolled up into a corn husk and steamed. They're a traditional Mexican Christmas dish--or maybe a traditional Tex-Mex one. Anyway, they're good!

The point of all this is that now I smell like tamales. :P

The Weather Overhead: The weather looked as if it were going to pour down rain this morning, and it was sprinkling at 7am when I arrived at the office. Now, however, the sky is a beautiful blue. Go figure.

USS Charleston: Our Chief Medical Officer has figured out a way to solve two problems--reducing the disparity between male and female crew and giving the three medical officers something to do. He's created a female security officer who is a klutz. This should be fun. Maybe she and my female engineering officer, Ens. Natalie Weissman, can pal around.

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