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Aerden [userpic]
On Villainy

I got to thinking about writer morality this morning while lying in bed--specifically, the fact that I have rooted for Dyan Ardais, Professor Snape, and Dr. Lecter at various bizarre moments.

No, I do not think that pedophilia, murder, and seducing an FBI agent to the Dark Side are laudable things. But man, those actions were awesome plot points in books I've read. I was applauding their authors' genius.

It occurred to me that Avriet does not have a villain--not really. The curse is more like Thread is on Pern--insidious, ever-present, but not really a villain that the hero can oppose on a mind-to-mind level. The real villains of the Pern novels are people like Fax, Lord Meron, and Weyrwoman Kylara.

So now, I have figured out the villain for Avriet--who was staring me in the face, all along.

This might change the protagonist from Micaul to Allistaire. Allistaire has a far greater stake in combating and in losing this antagonist than Micaul does.

I can't wait to get to work on it tonight!

Novels are slowly unfolding universes of discovery.

Current Mood: energeticenergetic

You know, in the new plot I'm working on, it doesn't really have a villain. I thought there was, but according to the laws of the land, what he did was legal and accepted. So I am trying to figure out how it's going ot play out. So, things always surprise me when I write. I think that's why I keep doing it. Part of why anyway ;)

Andrea--Ooh! You're writing something original, non-Pern? Fantastic!

That's why I write, too--for the blinding surprises and the wonderful way it feels when I know I've written something well. I'm always awed by the surprises.