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Sunday Update - Mostly RP's

Two Alleys: I was hoping to catch padfoot_uk for some TA writing this morning, but I never saw her. Ah well. We did get to write some yesterday. I haven't posted it to two_alleys_rpg yet because we're still in the middle of the post.

Dave--We need to start working Persephone into the story more. Have you got a plot idea that you want to write for her?

The Project: 2071: Kelli--Did you get Dr. Merrowes' sheet?

Ardaea: Time for me to roll up my sleeves and start working with Myradin.

USS Charleston: Activity for me is very slow, as yet. It will take a while for the DM to get my character worked into the plot threads. *sigh* I keep telling myself to be patient, but waiting is hard. (g)

IMS: Dagan Iril--That's the name of the character I was preparing to write about in Imperial Secrets shortly before it fell apart. Thank you, Suse!

Birthday: Our friend D's birthday is today. We're going to eat at Rice Kitchen this evening--just her, Tom, Mark, and I. Then, next Sunday, we'll have the House Bedlam version of her party at Han's Mongolian Barbecue down in Clear Lake. Looking forward to that!

Sick Ickies: I started typing a paragraph about this but decided that it was TMS. Suffice it to say, I had an upset stomach this morning. *bleah*

Dream, the morning of 11/27/05: I dreamed that I was participating in an employee golf tournament at the Houston VI Parole Office. But the game was golf played with billiard balls instead of golf balls. I wasn't playing it the way I know golf should be played. I was getting all excited and not being careful where I hit the ball for the purpose of sinking it. We were playing the game in the halls of the parole office, which was pretty strange.

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