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Aerden [userpic]
If You Like Ancient Rome

Check out this comic strip by meritahut. The art is lovely, and the story is ongoing.

Current Mood: enthralledenthralled

I'm glad you're checking out Carol's strip! She's an absolutely fantastic storyteller and artist. :)

She's shown me two manuscripts that I think would be terrific in graphic novel form. One deals with Erichtho, the witch who brought a dead man to life to tell Sextus Pompey his fortune; the other deals with Antyllus, Marc Antony's son.


Kris--I am loving SPQR Blues! The art alone is enough to make me drool. The fact that there's an intriguing story to go along with it is even better! I also love the way Carol presumes that her audience is intelligent.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of her work.


*has a look* I like it. Thanks for the link.

It's so neat to find a comic strip artist who draws Roman scenes which look real!

Plus, when you find out that M. Antonius Felix is no longer in the army, and youj know that Roman army enlistments were for 20 years...you know there's trouble coming. (g)