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Breakout Novel Workbook - Exercise 1

1. Who are your personal heroes? Write down the name of one.

Dwayne ‘Dog’ Chapman

2. What makes this person a hero to you? What is his greatest heroic quality?

  • His compassion.
  • He truly does live his faith without being obnoxious about it.
  • His honesty.
  • He forgives anyway, even though it is likely that some people he deals with will take advantage of his kindness.
  • His realistic attitude toward his work.
  • His ability to have fun at his job.
  • He has the strength to do what he loves and the wits to do it well.
  • If he gives you respect, he expects you to do likewise; he'll let himself be taken advantage of only once.

3. When did you first become aware of these heroic qualities in him?

The first episode of Dog: The Bounty Hunter. A year ago.

4. Assign one or more of these qualities to your protagonist, even in a small way, in his first scene.

5. Follow-up: Before the climax, at six points in your novel, insert other times in which your protagonist exhibits qualities that you find heroic.
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