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Aerden [userpic]
Saturday Update

Sound and Fury: The handling of this rioting in France is beyond my comprehension. I can't believe they have let it go on for nine days and still haven't called in the military to put a stop to it.

On the other hand, if I read the news reports correctly, there have been no fatalities thus far, though police have been shot at. If the military were called in, fatalities would be more likely to occur.

But it is clear that simply sending gendarmes to quell the rioters is not working. The whole point in handling a riot is to quell it with as few fatalities and as quickly as possible, while it is still small. This thing has been allowed to go out of control.

As long as people believe they have license to burn and destroy, they will. Military involvement will bring people to their senses in a hurry and remind them that rioting has a price. This thing needs to be stopped--now. I don't know what the French government is using for brains.

Current Mood: *shaking head*

As I understand it, gendarmes *are* basically military ... a cut above the ordinary police canstabulary in terms of firepower and muscle.

Chris--Ah! I didn't know. I thought gendarmes were the regular police.


I'm not sure the problem is the French government as much as French law. Now, I can't say with absolute certainty this is the case in France, but in this and several other European countries, it is against the law to use the military in police matters. It's even in the constitution here. So it might not be a matter of the French government not thinking straight, but a matter of them not being able to break their country's laws (because no matter how badly they want to, in a riot situation where people are outraged already, the government breaking the law together with the rioters won't help any).