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Office Munchy Purchases

I look like such a pig, today. Just call me Miss Piggy.

The Hot Cajun Crunch snacks, plus the Honey Roasted Peanuts and Mint Meltaways that I ordered from a co-worker's child for a Girl Scout sale, have come in. All of this sinful stuff is piled on top of the receptionist's desk at the moment, because I am working the 8:00-9:00am shift today. So is my breakfast bagel, which I got before I knew the other yummies had come in.

No, I have not gone on the South Beach Diet yet, in case you wondered.

The worst of it is, I ordered more monchies from two other coworkers. *buries face in hands*

Severus Snape:

I had a thought about Snape while riding the bus to work this morning. Snape agreed to kill Dumbledore if Draco should fail in the task. This leads me to wonder whether perhaps Dumbledore in return asked Snape to kill Voldemort if Harry should fail in the task (as Dumbledore would be dead and thus unable to do it himself).

Think about it--Snape has just proven his loyalty and usefulness to the Death-Eaters in a big way. Right now, Voldemort either trusts Snape implicitly or sees him as a threat--we don't know which, but the presumption is that Snape has proven his trustworthiness to the DE beyond all doubt.

This places Snape in the perfect position to see to Voldemort's demise, if Harry, who may be the Chosen One but is still young and inexperienced, does not succeed. It also places Snape in the prime spot for my earlier Book #7 prediction to happen, if he turns out to in fact be Dumbledore's man.

Writing: It surprises me how the Avriet book is changing, this time around. I decided not to make a big production out of the curse's effect on the characters, the way I did in the previous draft. In the current draft, I'm more letting things go naturally and letting people act as they will. More and more, I'm beginning to think I won't use the Livre de Sangre in this version; I almost don't feel it's necessary. I think there are ways to show the curse's effect on Allistaire without it.

I am also amazed at how much information I was able to give in Chapter 1, this time around. Things which didn't come out until much later in the 2004 draft are introduced in Chapter 1 of the 2005 draft very comfortably.

I do think I am being too chatty, though--relying too much on dialogue and not enough on action. I hope this will correct itself as the book progresses this month and in the editing phase.

Once I complete this draft, I'll have to give Avriet the Writing the Breakout Novel treatment, and then I will ask my friend Andi if she will read it and critique it.

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