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Aerden [userpic]
What If We Gave a Baby Shower, and the Mother was Visiting a Consumer?

Yesterday, just as I was about to go catch my bus, the caseworker I assist told me that she was going to see a consumer this morning. Unfortunately, this is also the morning that the office is throwing a surprise baby shower for her.

Neither of the two telephone numbers I have for her works, and she didn't say which consumer she was going to see; the person isn't even listed on her itinerary.


I hope, when her husband gets here, that he can call her correct cell phone number and pry her away from her consumer. (g)

Edit: Make that, 'visiting three consumers.' B. finally came in about 1:45pm, and we had the baby shower then. Much fun was had by all, but man, what a comedy of errors!

Dieting: Mark's doctor has recommended the South Beach Diet to him. Is this one any good? It seems to be another of those 'low-carb' diets, but I don't know a whole lot about it and would like a bit more information before I buy the book.

Writing: It is 6:50pm now. I'm off to write. Ciao!

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The South Beach Diet is the healthy version of the Atkin's Diet. The Atkins Diet, if it becomes a permanent eating plan can actually cause you to develop diabetes. Since the AD cuts out carbs, your body forgets what to do with them.

The South Beach Diet just eliminates carbs for a couple of weeks, then introduces them back into the diet gradually. From what I've seen, it's probably the most sensible diet currently available, and it doesn't require that you pay a membership fee, buy special food, or any of that other nonsense. It just trains you to eat sensibly.

Anna--Thanks for the explanation. I'm trying find a diet that's effective and that we can make into a lifestyle. So I'll give this a shot.