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NaNoWriMo Begins

Writing: The Month of Insanity has now officially begun.

So of course, my Mom sends me a discount card that gives 20% off regular, sale, and clearance items all over Foley's. The sale only lasts Nov. 2-4, which means that if I want to have a chance of finding something decent, we'd better go tomorrow night.

I hope I can write extra Nano words tonight and make up for this 'holiday' over the weekend.

Yep, stressed out already! (g) But Avriet is worth it. *happy sigh*

Email: I've discovered that my email has not been working properly. At least two people who I know of have sent me things I never received. If you have emailed me and not gotten a response, please let me know what you needed.

Hallowe'en: In Houston, we had a thunderstorm Monday night--fantastic light show!--and we lost power for most of the evening. Since our porch lights were out, and it was pouring down rain, no one came by our house for trick-or-treat. So we have a small cauldron by our front door that is still filled with Hershey bars and Dots.

If any of you live in Houston and want some candy, come on by our house! (g)

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