Aerden (aerden) wrote,

Hallowe'en Monday

Work: My caseworker B. told me that the RA who previously held my job used to get something like 20 new referrals in a day. Oh my God...And she's still sane.

People who call here at noon, demanding to speak to their caseworkers and refusing to leave them voice mail, tick me off. Wake up, people. It's noon. Where do you think your caseworker might possibly be at this hour, if she's not at her desk? Get a clue before I hand you your sign.

Supreme Court: Judge Samuel Allito of the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals (I think) is the newest nominee for the Supreme Court. The man's nomination is only hours old, but already, his opponents are declaring that this means war.

*rolls eyes* I suspect that Judge Allito, if he indeed becomes a Supreme Court Justice, will not be nearly the horror that I see some people shrieking about. He at least seems to be a respected and competent jurist among his peers, so I'm willing to hear what he has to say.

TV: New episode of House on tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it.

Family: No word on whether we're going to the funeral for my brother-in-law's foster-son yet or even when it's to take place.

Hurricane Aftermath: baghdaelf is still without power, but at least she and her family are okay. My sister and her hustand said they had very little effect from Hurricane Wilma, and they opened their pet store at 3pm that Saturday. They even sold a dog. (g)

Hallowe'en: I'm looking forward to Hallowe'en tonight. I hope we don't have too much rain.

Writing: NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. *whimpers*

Also, Yesterday (the 30th) was my character Paul's birthday. I am so lame for not remembering! :D

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