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I have been such a lazy git, today. Aside from some website work this morning for Imperial Secrets' backup site, I've been doing quizes from Quizilla all morning.

I would love to be able to make my own graphics for this thing. Quizilla is a website where you can create your own personality quizes, complete with graphics showing the overall results of your answers. It's a fun little thing and a terrible time-waster, if you let it be.

According to one quiz, the Stargate character I'm most like is Gen. Hammond. I figured on being either Carter or Daniel.

Another quiz says that the magical order I belong to is Spiritual, as opposed to Elemental, or whatever.
I'd like to work out a quiz that would incorporate oth single and multiple answer queries. I like the idea of that, as it makes the quiz more subtle. Quizilla does allow you to do that. And, by the way, they have their own LiveJournal.

I got some bad news, today--I found out that my favorite Irish pub here in Houston, Slainte, was forced to clse because all of the construction downtown drove away its business. I could cry. What really stinks is that the landlord plans to reopen it under new management in a few months, after the construction on our little trolley/railway system is completed for the section of Main Street where Slainte was. Isn't that a crock? He wouldn't give the original owner a break on rent. Nooo...He has to go bring in his own guy. Grrr... I hope my favorite waitress Ann, has found a new job. She was a wonderful person, from Belfast. I loved talking with her about Ireland. ::snorts:: I'll bet the new waitstaff will be American, or something. Ick. I know, I'm being silly. But having Irish waitstaff there really made it an Irish pub, instead of what they call a 'plastic Paddy' place.

I miss my pub! ::whine:: I used to eat lunch there every day. They had wonderful food--dumplings, fish and chips, shepherd's pie, Scotch eggs, sandwiches, and excellent beer, obviously. (g)

I'll just have to raise a toast to them, the next time I go to Bennigan's--which is about as close as I'll be getting to an Irish pub, for at last a while. :sigh::

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