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Salad and Sin

What else do you call it when you have a green salad, iced tea, and bread pudding for lunch? (g)

I had to visit the ATM this morning before catching the bus, and there's a Starbuck's close by. I went in and ordered a 20 oz. caramel macchiato, because chipperazzi made them sound so good that I just had to try one, once I learned that Starbuck's sells them.

I am now wired! At this rate, I'll crash around 2pm and sleep through Zorro. So I'm bouncing off the walls, and it's all your fault, Rin--because I would have bought iced chai, otherwise! *grins*

Whaddaya mean, it's my fault for buying 20 ounces of the stuff? *snickers*

Pseudo-Medieval Fun: My parents and I are going to the Texas Renaissance Festival this Sunday. I kind of wish this could have waited until after payday, but as they're the ones driving, it's their call. I hope they still sell mead there. I want to get a new dice bag, too; I don't like the ones I bought for Mark and me at Nan's. They have satin linings, and they don't pull closed very well.

I also hope to get the newest round of medieval/folk music CD's from all of the Celtic garage bands which play at Renfair.

Work: Since it's Friday, the receptionist's telephone is very quiet. We're hardly receiving any calls, at all. I'm not complaining one bit.

Gaming: No gaming this weekend, as steve is in France, the lucky devil, and Terry has to work. Just means more time to work on Avriet.

Writing: On Avriet, I'm still hashing out the outline. Mark is somehow able to keep his story outline (if he uses one) in his head and just write things as they come. I prefer to have a road map, so I know where I'm going and can keep in my mind what I want and need to accomplish in the story. I figure, last year's Nano was my time to just write this story as the spirit moved me. This year, I need to continue working on it and planning things out.

I have figured out a way for Micaul to seem unaffected by the curse when he is in fact the center of it. I hope it's a way that will make sense and be believable. It distresses me a bit that I am having him be this way for purely emotional reasons. If I did not write him the way I am, he would have been affected by the curse since birth, and that would have made him unbearable for me to write. He would have been monstrous, just like his father. I just didn't want to be in the mindset of someone like that--not for the length of a novel.

Another difficulty I'm having is that I feel more of an emotional connection to my wizard character Allistaire than I do to Micaul--but Micaul has to be the main character of the book, because he's the person who has to change. Allistaire has already come to a sort of 'understanding' with the curse; Micaul has not.

Then of course there is still the problem that I haven't yet figured how to break the darned thing... *sigh* The idea I once had no longer works. The person who cast the curse--now that I know who it is--never intended for it to be breakable. The curse is no longer one of those 'Once you have learned X lesson, the curse will be lifted." No, this curse is an act of retaliation and bitterness. The curser hated the kingdom of Avriet and its royal family. So I'm having to completely rethink things.

Medical Transcription Word of the Day: anisometropia - A condition in which a person's two eyes have differing refractive errors; for example, one eye being very farsighted and the other being very nearsighted. This makes it almost impossible for the person to focus with both eyes on an object at one time, and it is helped by covering one eye as well as by getting corrective lenses.

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