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Game, Set, Match

Sports: I think it was a good game and a good World Series. Even if the Astros didn't win any of the four games played against the White Sox, they fought hard for every one of those games, and they didn't choke. I may be mistaken, since I'm not a big baseball fan, but I don't think they just threw any of those games away this time.

Astros, I'm proud of you guys. As far as I'm concerned, that was some tough ball playing. :)

Morning Coffee: There's a black Congresswoman from the north who supposedly likes for her coffee to be the same shade as her skin. I'm the same way. That said, take a look at my icon, and you'll notice that what I typically like to do is add a bit of coffee to my cream. :P

Computer: Well, Mark claims he didn't fix our computer; he has no idea why it wasn't screwing up every 20 seconds or so, last night. *is baffled*

Ah well, time to work!

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