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November 2019
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Aerden [userpic]
Quick Entry

Work: I spent most of the morning doing telephone calls, but it wasn't as bad as I feared. I was able to find out some things for some people, so I could at least give them news when I returned their calls. I also got a couple of new referrals today. I have to send them IL Guides and make referral folders for them.

There are a couple of purchase orders which I need to do, but I think I can do those after I get off of the receptionist's desk.

I am so glad it's Friday. I'm ready for the weekend.

Movie: Mark and I will probably go see Dreamer with our friend Tom this evening. It stars Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning, along with a horse. What's not to like? (g)

Okay, I am a total sucker for horse movies. I loved Seabiscuit and The Horse Whisperer.

I have to admit that I am a True Believer that nothing Disastrously Bad should ever happen in a horse film. You can have drama and intensity, but nothing that is Irreparably Bad. That's why I don't much care for the book version of The Horse Whisperer. *sigh* The movie version is enjoyable, though.

Writing: I shall spend Saturday writing for Avriet and Two Alleys before we go to gaming.

Ardaea: I think I will need to completely revamp my character. A Dark Ages forensics geek who is one because he's haunted by divine dreams just isn't, in the end, my thing. I need to come up with a different history. I just can't write Ciaran the way he is.

Gaming: I hope gaming will be more exciting this week than it was last week. Mind you, I'm not sure what I want 'exciting' to consist of. Me, I'd like for our characters to get involved in some court intrigue.

Office Humor: My coworker B's way of saying, "Kill two birds with one stone." is "Kill everything at one time." Hehehehe!

Current Mood: tiredtired

Chantal, I highly recommend Jane Schwarz's book to you. You'll love it; it is very well written, very evocative of Ruffian's personality.

I gave it to my mother to read. She got to the account of the match race, put it aside, cried, and then finished reading. When we watched Seabiscuit this weekend, she turned to me after the last frame and exclaimed, "Did he finish the race? He didn't die, did he?" I had to look up Seabiscuit's life to assure her that he won the race and retired. :)