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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
Finally, the Character Speaks to Me

SPH: I am beginning the end of Seth's plot in SPH. No need for backtracking and doing weird time-warp things; I'm just going to continue with the timeline as it happened.

Thank you, wildflower, for the jump-start.

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

You're still speaking to Christina? You been emailing her?

Actually, what happened was, I replied to a comment she posted in Seth's old journal last January. :( I haven't seen her around in ages. The last I knew, she had gone to college (university), but I don't know where. She hasn't written anything new in her wildflower journal since 2004.



I talked to her once this year and I got the distinct impression she was mad with me, actually. Or whatever it is when you get angry with someone and then go away and do the whole life thing for a year.

Upset me.

I haven't talked to her in so long...

I really wonder what she's up to. Last time I talked to her (I think it was more than a year ago?), she said she wanted to go to college overseas and that she was thinking of becoming an archaeologist. Maybe that's what she did.

[nod] She talked about that a lot the last time we spoke. I hope she ended up doing it. I guess I thought if she was coming to Britain though I'd have talked to her about it. She mentioned coming to Exeter...


- Rich

Yeah, I hope she did because sometimes I felt as though she was giving up hope on everything... Wherever she is I hope she's doing well.

& out of curiosity, what is Exeter?

Exeter's a little old roman fort city, where there's a cracking University. It's about fourty-five minutes from home up the road, and about an hour down from Bristol on the train (I'm studying in Bristol). I have a friend doing law there.

If she'd got in there to do archeology she'd be set, and all things considered, I think she'd have had a chance.

That's great Chantal! I'm still thinking about closure too, but I've never been able to see or imagine what I want May's "ending" to be. It's so odd. It's like I've lost touch with an old friend, you know? I wish we could have kept the game going longer though, it was a good one.