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Barbecue, Poet, Etc.

I'm told by someone else who I sent the poem link to (from my previous post) that the poem is viewable only to people who are members of the Nova Roma group. So I will ask Venator, the author, if I may pass it along to some of my friends, or I will ask him if he has a webpage with the poem on it that I can link to.

Mark and I went with our family to a barbecue luncheon that was held at Westbury Methodist Church, which is where Mark's family has always gone.

It was pretty neat. The meal was catered by Pappa's Barbecue, and it was delicious! After the meal, we got to enjoy a brief performance by the church's new gospel choir. My brother-in-law Gregory performed as the sole man, singing with nine women. IMO, they were a bit soprano-heavy, but still, the performace was a lot of fun.

Last came a short speech by one of the pastors. Most of it was pretty light. The pastor red some letters from Sunday school children to God. The ones I remember are:

Dear God--You sent me a baby brother, but what I really wanted was a puppy. Honestly, God, I have never asked you for anything, before...

Dear God--I am really amazed at how you are able to love all the people in the whole world. There are just four people in my family, and I have a hard time loving them all at once...

But the part I really liked about the sermon was when the pastor noted similarities between the explosion of the Columbia and Christ's crucifixion. He said that, when Christ was cricified, he suspected that all of his followers probably thought that the religion had come to an end, that there was no hope for it to continue. But now, look at it, 2000 years later.

Not a bad comparison. I remember how I felt when the space program ground to a halt after the Challenger exploded. I wondered if our shuttles would ever fly again. But they have, and we've sent probes to Mars, and beyond the solar system, and we're going to continue. The Columbia tragedy, in the great scheme of things, is only a minor setback. We will go on.

It's good to have encouragement like that.

Other News--I'm half paying attention to something on the televison called The Dark Knight--but it's not about Batman; it's about Ivanhoe. Pretty neat. They've thrown magic into it, though. I don't know whether purists will approve of that. And Rebecca is a red-haired Celtic-looking woman in a green dress. I seem to recall that she was Jewish, in the book.

Hm. This show has the feel of Robin of Sherwood, to me. Interesting.

Mark, Donna, and I went to see The Recruit last Friday. It was pretty good, starring Al Pacino as a CIA training instructor. I have to say, Pacino looks much better with the beard and moustache he wears in this movie than he did, clean-shaven, in Insomnia. He looked terrible, in that.

I have started a fantasy writers' critique group at Holly Lisle's Writers' Website. I am thinking of starting a crit community here on LJ, as well. If anyone is interested, please post a comment.

Off to bed, now. Good night!

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