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Dream - Morning of 10/14/05

Dream: I dreamed it was the beginning of a new year at Hogwarts, and it was night-time. Snape was teaching Defense this year, and he was not happy about it. I was walking to the class and met Snape on the way there. He gestured for me to precede him into the classroom, so I did. The classroom was this cabin out in the woods that I approached, walking swiftly down a flagstone walkway, because I wanted to walk quickly enough that Snape didn't get impatient with me. When I entered the classroom, I saw a lot of students sitting at tables along the walls, chatting companionably with each other. Dumbledore and McGonagall were also at a little table by the wall. They were very welcoming and invited Snape to join them, but he was very much giving off a feeling of, "I want to be alone" and "I don't want to be here."

I went to look at the preparation materials, which were on something that was shaped like a laptop computer, but that's not what it was. The instructions were sort of embroidered or inked onto a piece of white satin where the laptop's screen would normally be.

Everything on the screen was little one-liner quotations. All of them were kind of Judeo-Christian/Satanic in origin. Some purported to be Bible quotes, though I know they weren't In the dream, they seemed to be. The only one I remember went something like, "Christ is in Christendom? No, Sideriloth!"

The meaning of all these quotations was that Christ was not in heaven, but was instead in hell or in someplace with a lot of demons. About that time, I woke up because the radio alarm had gone off.

Upon waking up, I thought that, really, Hell is the proper place for Christ, along the lines of the Burden of Enlightenment. It is said that the Buddha did not go to Nirvana because, at the last minute, he heard a soul crying out for his teachings, and so he stayed behind to teach. The burden is that, once you are enlightened, you have a greater responsibility toward your fellow human beings because of your greater knowledge, and you also have the responsibility to teach others. So I wondered why Christ didn't do that. Surely, the place where his teachings are the most needed is in Hell.

Anyway, welcome to the workings of my bizarre little mind. (g)

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