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Independent Living Cooking Class

I cooked on a stove blindfolded today.

The idea of cooking blind has always scared me, because I'm afraid of burning myself on the stove burners, especially since pots have a tendency to get moved during the cooking process.

Today, the VR teachers had only one student for the cooking class, and they were trolling for staff volunteers to be students. The Big Boss had mentioned to the teachers that I and two other coworkers needed to have some more hours under blindfold for our annual requirement--something like 25 hours a year. So I told Lillie about my fear of the stove, and she suggested I join the class if I could get permission to do so.

Incredibly, the great, big, scary stove can be conquered with a spoon. You use the spoon to find the stove, to find your saucepan, and so forth. I personally recommend two spoons--one to use as a cane substitute, and one to stir your food with. Using the stirring spoon as your guide is not sanitary and causes you to get grease on the refrigerator door. (g)

Also, a neat tip about knife safety, whether you can see or not--slide the knife blade under the cutting board if you are in the middle of slicing or cutting up food and need to set the knife down. Nice, simple, ingenious thing.

I am now stuffed, and I only ate a little bit. I made Mexican casserole--recipe to be posted later. It is made with ground beef and is very cheesy. I'm bringing it and the pudding I made home, to share with Mark and Tom, our housemate. At the moment, I have no appetite for supper. :P

The Potterverse: Fascinating entry by sistermagpie about the difference between emotion and will and the parts they play in Harry, Draco, and Snape.


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TA: Hm...I came up with an interesting plot idea for Paul's storyline. I shall have to see if I can work this in.

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