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Work: It's been a busy morning, not helped by the fact that we're having some kind of computer network problem. Bah. Stuff that should only have taken half an hour to do took about two hours. *grumbles* Still, it was neat that I learned how to do something new today--for ordering diabetes education equipment, so that was nice. And I was so eager to get back to it that I ate lunch at my desk today. :

Cold: I'm catching Mark's cold. Waah! But at least I can kiss him now! :D *gives Mark a huge, Zen hug and kiss through the Internet*

*feels immensely satisfied* :

Smooth Operator: The delivery person from Office Depot just delivered some boxes. She was so smooth in getting the boxes off the dolly, that the guys from UPS should take lessons from her. The UPS guys just toss the boxes off of their dolly. The Office Depot lady just slid those boxes off the dolly like magic. I was very impressed.)

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