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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]
More Avriet

Writing: I'm planning a major writing stint through this coming Sunday. I'll be working heavily on Avriet for the next few days, continuing to integrate the hisotries of Avriet and Sevrennes so that I can use them both in the novel.

TA: ravenclaw_auror is talking to me, and now I know who is training him. Viv, you might remember this guy--Lanistan from Voldewarts. I just need to do a bit of research, and he'll be usable as an NPC.

Suse--I added 2a_sylvie to the two_alleys_rpg community.

Dave--Were you going to play Persephone in this? You sent a cracking good sheet. I hope you ghot my reply in email.

Serenity: Click on this only if you have already seen the movie. It is loaded with spoilers. Serenity In 2000 Words or Less

Not much else on my mind, really. Just writing.

Current Mood: busybusy

As a late joiner to your blog, may I ask..."What is Avriet about?"

Hi, and welcome to my journal!

The Curse of Avriet is the fantasy novel I'm working on. I wrote the (very) rough draft of it in November of last year, and I've been editing it ever since.

The story is about a kingdom cursed with having the flaws of anyone who comes into physical contact with the king magnified. The older you are when you are first cursed, the easier it is to resist. The younger you are when it happens, the more likely you are to grow feeling the urge to give in to whatever personal flaws you might have.

Originally, I thought people might be cused with the seven deadly sins, but I decided against that, because some of my characters' 'sins' could not be so neatly pigeon-holed.

In the book, the king and a wizard must overcome the flaws in themselves to break the curse.

I posted the rough draft in my musevoices journal, should you ever wish to look it over. Let me know if you do, so I can friend you to it.

It's great to meet you! Mind if I friend you back?


I'm going to play her...just working on figuring out what to do with her post-school.

Time's short...back in college finishing my degree! Go me! :)

Dave--Way to go! :D What's your major?


I've decided to go for an accounting degree. I enjoyed it when I did auditing in local hotels back before Y2K, and I'm just enough of an anal-retentive $^%#@! to be good at it.