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May 2018
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Aerden [userpic]

My cousin Linda's son Daniel was christened this afternoon. He was born in July. It was a very nice ceremony. The church had an octagonal baptismal font that you could step in and have water poured over you, if you were an adult, or the deacon could dip water out of a smaller bowl/tub if you were a baby.

Mark and I arrived at ten minutes until 2:00, when the previous Mass was letting out. We went inside. Mark asked me, "Is this the place?"

I looked around at all the pews which were bent, not straight, and the whole chapel was built in an octagonal design, and I said, "Noooo...."

We dashed out of there, back into our car, and tried to leave with the mass exodus of people leaving the previous service. As we were just about to exit the parking lot, we saw a sign with the address and name of the church on it. It was the right church! Apparently, they had done a massive renovation between today and the last time we had been there, about five years ago, for my Uncle John's funeral.

It turns out that the bronze statue of John the Baptist at the font was dedicated by my Aunt Frances in Uncle John's memory. I thought that was wonderful. There's just one problem, though. The statue has braided hair and is wearing a knee-length robe that's blowing in the invisible wind. So Linda's older children and I were quite amused by Uncle John's dreadlocks. (g0

My sister Lisa and her family have a German Shepherd now. At last weigh-in, he was 55 pounds. Maybe he'll be able to go after some of those wild pigs which sometimes come into their yard....

Me, I'm like, "You have wild pigs? In your back yard? And you haven't moved?" My other resonse is, "Them's good eatin'."

Sports: Way to go, Astros!!!!!! Great (and very long) game against the Atlanta Braves. It lasted 18 innings, which is the longest post-season game in baseball history. The final score was 7-6.

We start playing the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday. Astros, don't you dare choke! :D

Writing: Hm...Nanowrimo sign-up time again. I almost wonder if I should sign up, this year, because the real work is not something that I think can be done in a month; my purpose now is rewriting, not getting a novel down on paper in the first place, by dint of needing an impetus like Nanowrimo to do so. But I'll sign up anyway. I hope it isn't cheating, to work on a rewrite instead of a new novel.

Current Mood: excitedexcited

I'm laughing at John the Baptist's dreadlocks too. Especially since when I was in the second grade, I played J the B in our Xmas pageant. It was a big honor, because I had *several* lines. But I was less thrilled that the costume lady had this great idea to rat my hair into John's wild, wilderness do.

Writing: I think the whole idea of Nanowrimo is to sort of puke out your first draft. You are suppose to start from scratch, I believe... but who is going to know, really. I heard, though, that May is National Novel EDITING Month, were you do rewrite/revise your novel.

As far as Nanowrimo... it's cool to participate in the 'official' thing, but my friend candyhavens did a "Fast Draft" class online where the principle is the same: you set a goal for yourself, write write write, and don't edit yourself, and get a rough draft done in two weeks (or a month, if that's your goal). Basically the only thing you need to do your own version of Nanowrimo or "fast draft" is a goal, some friends to do it with you and hold you accountable to your goal, and a lock and key for the inner editor.

Rosmary--I wondered if they would ever get around to a NaNoEdMo. Glad to know they have that.

I think my inner editor is my character Paul. *looks faintly horrified* It makes sense, though; he's the nitpicky part of me.

I guess I'll be NaNoing the rewrite, then. I'm not going to start on a new project when I've got Avriet here, begging for me to finish redoing it.




Good luck on the novel! I know you've been working really hard on it.
There is a NaNoEdMo. It's the month of March.

The goal is to do 50 hours of editting in 31 days. The web site is

Still haven't decided if I'm doing it or not.

BTW, the church sounds cool.